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    Hebei Huabei Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called as Huachai) established in 1970. Huachai is affiliated with CNGC North General Power Group Co Ltd, which is a professional manufacturer of diesel engine for dual purpose for military and commercial applications. The main products of company, which are produced under the license of the Deutz AG, include B/FL413F/513 series air cooling diesel engineand BFM1015 series, TCD2015 series and HC4132 water cooling diesel engines with independent intelligent right and generator set.

    The company successively introduced B/FL413F/513 series air cooling diesel engines from 1979 to 1992, BFM1015 series water cooling diesel engine in 2002 and TCD2015 series diesel engine in 2005. The company is the sole manufacturer of BFM1015 series and TCD2015 series diesel engines with the authority from German Deutz in the world. Since 2007, the company has completed the research and development of series engines of 2015C National III, generator set, explosion-proof, nature gas and marine engine, and intensified the development according to market demand and therefore extended the market coverage.

     For the advantages of small volume, light weight, low fuel consumption, low noise, perfect adaptability,high reliability and convenient maintenance, the Deutz engines produced by Huachai are widely used in the fields such as heavy load truck, luxury bus, special vehicles, construction machinery, petroleum equipment and generator set.

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